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Q1 What time is my heat?
The draw will be viewable via our home page on Friday

Q2 What surf spot in the Byron area will the contest be held each day?

Find out daily by following BBB on instagram

Q3 Is there a way I can get live scores?

Yes, at Live Heats

Q4 Can I enter on the day?

Most likely no, but it will depend on subscription to each category. You can check with contest organisers on the day

Q5 Is there food and drink at the contest site?

Yes, cold and hot drinks and hot food.

Q6 Where and when will the awards be held?

At the Suffolk Park Hotel on Monday at 5 pm.

Q7 How cold will the water be?

Shorty or steamer to be comfortable.

Q8 What facilities are there on contest day?

Live score app, Pro Judges, commentators, food, drinks, and much more.

Q9 Can I surf in the contest area outside of my actual heat?